Things I hate…..

  1. Me: okay I’m sorry to hear about that card declining and I’d be happy to-

Customer: my card didn’t decline! I swiped it and my transaction didn’t go through!

  1. Customer: I had a balance of $2,000 2 days ago and now I only have $150. What happened?

Me: okay I’d be happy to go ahead and see how your balance got to where it is. Okay I see store for $20. I see store to for-

Customer: no I only need you to tell me about the big purchases I made. Like anything over $50.

Me:goes through transactions over $50

Customer: that still doesn’t add up!

Me: okay I see on your account that you have a lot of small transactions so that maybe where the discrepancy is. If you like I can go through those transactions.

Customer: No! I don’t have time for that. Just tell me how my balance got so low.

  1. “You people (insert problem that’s probably their own fault)”

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