"Thank you for your kind help."

Just a quick one (it’s not that quick, sorry).

Went in circles for over 20 minutes with a customer today trying to explain to him why he didn’t have a bill yet. He applied for service twice, first time we didn’t get an ID so we voided his application, second time we got his ID but not until mid February. By that time, we’d already read the meter so now he has to wait until the March reading to get a bill.

HOWEVER, he needs proof of residency for something. So I offer him a confirmation of service letter. This is NOT good enough. He also demands a letter stating it is OUR fault that he doesn’t have a bill to prove residency and that we need to tell the “government” that it’s our fault he doesn’t have a bill. After a lot of repeating myself, he finally hangs up on me.

I email him a confirmation of service and letter explaining why he doesn’t have a bill, obviously not admitting any fault because, well, it’s not our fault.

ANYWAY, emails me back IMMEDIATELY and tells me it was “very bad” of the company to take so long to deal with this and to report this to my supervisor. Report what? The fact that you missed the billing cycle so now you have to wait? Okay psycho.

So after a 20 minute phone call of berating me and arguing with me and calling me a liar (what do I get out of lying to you? Oh yeah, nothing) he emails me later that day and it just says:

“Dear hannerr__ Thank you for your kind help. I will wait for the bill.

Best wishes, Douchebag Customer”

Happy Monday.

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