Screw yourself over and don’t listen to me, because I’m telling you no for the fun of it apparently.

I work car insurance first notice of loss and I have limited claim handling responsibilities in my role. I’ve got my adjusters licenses in the 15 states that require them, and have been doing this for two years now.

Took a call earlier today, where the guy was calling in to file a claim because he had damage to a part that had been previously replaced from an accident two years ago. He started off demanding and insistent.

I wasn’t even past the first page trying to get a clear idea of what was happening (dude just kept repeating information that was not what I needed, and wasn’t contributing to the call) before he went full entitled twit.

He was yelling at me that he was going to sue [company] if we tried to make him pay for a collision. He insisted his agents office said hitting a stationary object in the road was comprehensive – which is not improbable. Some agents and their staff are great and knowledgeable, but a lot are not – even with them being captive (i.e. can only sell products from us).

AND he was arguing that the part wouldn’t have been damaged, so it must be a weak part (its a bash plate under your car – what are you expecting? Adamantium?) But he needed it fixed today and was going to tell the shop to fix the part, but he would not pay anything. So he’s not going to let us look at the damage or confirm what coverage this should be (collision or manufacturer’s warranty).

Plus – he sounded some flavor of arabic/western asian so a woman (me) telling him he was wrong probably didn’t help, along with the cultural tendency to expect to negotiate a lot. I’ve never had someone so bull-headedly refuse to listen when I say “No, that is going to cause issues.”

Dealing with someone so aggressive and yelling at me sent me into my second panic attack in 24 hours (thanks absurdly loud fire alarms).

So I’m going to console myself with:

  1. the fact this jerk will not get what he wants and is willfully fucking himself over by being an ass.

  2. I’m off the next two days.

  3. And my drug dealer co worker is selling girl scout cookies so now I have six boxes of sugary goodness to nom.

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