(Regret) After 3 years in a call centre I finally let the customer get the better of me and yelled at them

Hello everyone! I have a story which I’m ashamed to share, but need to get this off my chest

I work in a government call centre and deal specifically with helping people claim money back from the government for their medical expenses. As it’s a government call centre, it’s fair to say we can cop a fair amount of abuse from people who are unhappy- personally I think with the amount of funding we are given we are doing our very best, but I completely understand the frustration of the customers and do the best I can to help them.

I’m generally a very patient and calm person, but unfortunately there are some awful things going on in my family- the main thing being the coming out of my biological father sexually abusing my little brother and sister (sorry if that is TMI). I only found out this weekend and haven’t handled the news well. I still tried to brave it out and go to work today (stupid idea I know).

I had only been taking calls for 40 minutes when I received a call from a customer who was frustrated that a claim which was incorrectly processed. Fair enough- it’s a bit annoying but easy fixed. I was able to fix it quickly and let him know he should receive the benefit tomorrow. He then started berating me that this mistake happened in the first place, and as I tried to explain what had gone wrong he continued to talk over me and patronise me. Normally I can brush this stuff off but it got too me so bad today and said in a tone which was rather harsh and I said this louder than necessary “look, I have already explained this to you why this happened and I’ve fixed it for you” It’s not so much what I said but it was how I said it, the customer even muttered “woah” under his breath.

I went to my TL after the call and burst in tears and explained what has been going on and she sent me home and recommended that I talk to someone.

I just wanted to share this and get it off my chest- I’m so embarrassed I let a customer get to me :s

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Customer doesn’t understand how cheques work.

"Thank you for your kind help."