Sir, you’re cheating on your fiancé and tech support can’t fix that

Another tale from my telecoms company.

The characters in this tale are

Me: u/Majahzi

C: Customer (sometimes shortened to “cust”) sounds to be a mid-forties black man from the American south.

F: The customers fiancé

Me: Thanks for calling. This is u/Majahzi. Can I have your name please?

Immediate yelling between two people on the other end.

Me: Hello?

C: (A little panicked) Hi man, listen. Something crazy is going on with my phone. Random pictures keep popping up and junk. I need y’all to fix it.

Me: Oh wow. Let me pull up the information on your kind of phone and see if that’s happened to anyone else.

C: Aight man thank you. This is crazy! All kind of hotel receipts are popping up in my emails. I ain’t ever even been to these places!

This is when I catch on. Nothings going on with the phone. He’s just using that as an excuse to cover up his infidelity.

All of a sudden I hear his fiancé in the background

F: Who the fuck are you talking to?

C: The phone company! Trying to figure out the mess on this phone!

F: You must think I’m a fucking idiot if you think I’m going to believe that! You dumbass-

Call drops.

Per company policy I called him back and left a voicemail offering troubleshooting help. But there’s no help my company can give for that situation.

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