I Just want to file a complaint

Work for a very large ISP. I’m tech support…We get plenty of calls where ground technitians do a shitty job and cause even more damage. We don’t take ‘formal complaints’ But one lady thought we did. Me: “Morning, thank you for calling E support, joedoe speaking, how can I help?”

Lady: “I’d like to make a complaint about a line outside my house”

Confirms account details.

Me: “Okay, is your broadband or landline being effected?”

Lady: “No, its perfectly fine that’s not the issue, are you listening?”

Me: “Lady, I’m here to resolve issues with people’s lines, if its not you line I can’t test it”

Lady: “Yes but, it’s YOUR technitians that caused this, you’re not listening!”

Me: “I’ll look into it…”

I pull up her broadband number, check for faults…there’s a fault logged where it shouldn’t be because it’s not her line, but it states “Technitians left wires hanging off lady’s gate”

I tell her this and notify her it’s actually been accepted for somebody to come out and get it back up, even though it’s not hers.

Lady: “I know that there’s somebody coming out for fucks sake, I’m making a complaint”

I check to see how many departments she’s been on to…5 different ones.

Me: “Okay lady, you’ve been through 5 different departments, they’ve all listened to the issue and your complaint has been actioned, there’s somebody going to resolve it”

Lady: “Do you not speak fucking English? I know somebody is going to resolve the thing, I need to make a complaint, somebody could have tripped on my fucking property!”

Me: “I understand, it’s being looked into-“

Lady: “I don’t care if it’s being looked into, you’re doing a shitty job, your service is shocking”

Me: “Did you see the technitians throw it over your fence?”

Lady: “No, but they were up there a few days ago and now this morning, it was over my fence!!”

Me: “Lady, our technitians wouldn’t fix a line and throw the cable over your fence 2 days later, you’ll need to confirm that”

Lady: “I need to get his fucking name and make a formal complaint, you need to call him and tell him fix it”

Me: “There’s somebody on their way to bring the line back-“

Lady: “Can’t you just shut up and do your job and listen to me, make a complaint, I want him on the phone”

I knew she’s been around to 5 different people giving them grief, I wasn’t going to let her go on anymore.

Me: “If you’d like to find a complaint, we have a space on our website to do this, also you can write a letter to address 12, 12 street”

Lady: “You need to take my complaint seriously, I want to get out of contract, I’m moving with a different provider, this is a disgrace, somebody could have fallen!!”

I check her profile, about a month ago after signing up for a new contract she enquired about better offers and told loyalty she was considering leaving to ISP2.

Me: “If you’d like to get out of contract, you’ll need at least 3 faults on your line or 3 cases where we did not provide broadband service”

Lady: “Put me through to loyalty, I’m leaving this shitty service, this IS BAD SERVICE, you’re not doing what I’m asking you, I bet you’re not even Irish, you can’t even udnerstand what I’m asking”

Me: “Lady, I’m from Ireland I can understand you, your complaint was heard by 5 different departments, it’s actually being actioned on even though it’s not your line, you have no eveidence of our technitians coming back after 2 days to throw a line over your gate and your broadband service is absoloutely perfect, I’ve tested it and you’re services have been perfect since you signed up, loyalty won’t take the call if you’re in contract with no issues”

Lady: “You’re a fucking disgrace, I’m getting on to 12 address! What’s your name?!”

Me: “JoeDoe”

Lady: “And second name?!”

Me: “I’m not required to give my second name for my own privacy and security”

Lady: “You fucking little rat, stop trying to dodge this, you won’t get away -”

I drop the call…

I check the next day, she calls another 7 departments with the SAME ISSUE. Every single note on her profile states

“Lady looking for way around contract, services perfect, looking for somebody to give out to, pass on”

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