Guess it’s my fault when people wait 10 months to check on their money

This was literally my first call today which put me in a foul mood for the entire day. Take a fucking xanax people, it’s too damn early for this shit.

Caller: I’m calling about some old payments I’ve been trying to collect all year. No one has responded to me or helped me at all with this so I’m getting really frustrated. These are from APRIL.

Me: still waking up and drinking my coffee, rolling my eyes Ok, I can help you with that. Can you tell me what dates I’m looking for in April to see what’s going on?

C: Huh?

Me: You said this was from April, I would like to look up the stay for the customer you are referring to?

C: Um, no, April is when I FAXED it.

Me: Then can I have the dates for the stay? I can’t look it up without it.

C: The name is (Customer), he was in room XXX, and the invoice number is (Long-ass number).

Me: And the dates of stay?


Me: All you’ve given me is their name, invoice number, room number and the date you faxed it, I do need this information but until you give me the dates I don’t know where to start looking, ma’am.

C: UGH. January 9th. Last year.

Me: Did they arrive or leave on that date?

C: That’s the invoice date.

Me: Ok, that gives me a place to start. Please hold. pull info Ok, I see it. We didn’t get this until last month, so it was not accepted due to the age of the invoice. We can no longer process this for you, you will have to go directly to this customer for payment.

C: But you people have had this since APRIL!!

Me: I see no record of this being received until last month. When you faxed it in April it looks like we didn’t get it.

C: This is why I can’t stand any of you. No one told us any of this.

Me: How are we supposed to know a stay has taken place until you bill us? How are we supposed to know the fax YOU sent hasn’t come through?

C: Well there’s (Customer) from June, no one’s bothered to pay that yet and I faxed it as soon as I knew it wasn’t sent in online.

Me: searching as she’s talking I don’t see anything under that name for a stay in June-

C: Are you even listening? It was in MARCH.

Me: You said June.


Me: I still don’t see that we have ever received it. It’s close to being too old but you can still send it again and we will try.

C: Explain to me how can you not receive it when I know I faxed it.

Me: Faxes aren’t foolproof, sometimes they don’t come through, for any number of reasons. It’s why we give you a confirmation notice online when we get a fax from you, so you know if you don’t get that something might be wrong.

C: Why the hell has no one told me any of this until now??

Me: I can’t answer that. All I can do is give you the information now, since I’ve never spoken to you before.

C: Well, I talked to (coworker), and (other coworker), and they never said any of this.

At this point, my voice is starting to get shaky because I am so royally pissed off at this person.

Me: Ok, but they are not ME, so I am giving you all the information that I can so you understand why we are in this situation.

C: I just can’t believe I’ve tried to fix this all year and your company has gone out of their way to make it harder for me at every turn and NOW some snotty receptionist is telling me I can’t have the money I am owed!

Me: I am NOT a receptionist. I am an accountant trained specifically to HELP businesses like yourself get paid, but I can’t do everything for you. Why would you wait ten months to check on a payment for something you were so sure we had?

C: I’m going to have to get my boss and get some paperwork together to decide how we want to move forward with this. Your company can’t just get away with theft of service like this.

Me: We are a third party. There are contracts in place that explicitly state this and outline what to do when invoices become too old, which is what I have advised you to do. You need to contact this customer directly.

C: What is your name?

Me: sh605.

C: Well, you can expect a call from collections. I’ll get my money one way or the other, believe me.

Me: Good luck. disconnect

Aw man, she’s gonna sic collections on me, guys. 🙁 With only my first name

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I very rarely become frustrated with a caller but Emily was really special. No rationale whatsoever.

I Just want to file a complaint