Have you tried turning up the volume?

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I work as a tier 2 tech support agent. This was a call back that I had to make roughly an hour ago because there wasn’t enough information on the trouble ticket a tier 1 agent had logged. The Customer was not irate at all but was willing to redo troubleshooting which he said he had done. This was the conversation. He will be C.

C: Hello?

Me: intro So, I understand you’re having issues with your TV.

C: Yes! I’ve tried rebooting the box. I’ve tried rebooting my modem and swapping the cables with no luck!

Me: Hmmm, can you try turning the volume up? (I saw his box should be working)

Audio can be heard

C: Oh my god. My wife is gonna kill me. I’m so embarrassed. I’m so sorry.

Me: Don’t worry! Anything else I can assist you with today?

C: No thank you.

Me: Have a good day.

The problem? His TV was on mute.

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