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Me: Generic opening.

client: I’m so upset that I keep getting rescheduled. Why does this keep happening to me?

Me: (I get his info and pull up his order. I see that he was rescheduled two times because the part we ordered had not arrived as of the date) Sir, I see you’ve been rescheduled twice due to no part arrival. I’m sorry this has happen but the vendors due try and get parts to us as quickly as they can.

Client: And the sad thing is that no one calls me about it.

Me: Sir?

Client: No one calls me about it. I get these damn voice mails, but no one ever actually calls and talks to me about this stuff, it pisses me off.

Me: Sir, I can try to notate a specific time we should call you…

Client: (cutting me off) Why? What’s the point? You people dont call and tell me what’s going on. I always find out when I’ve taken off work and have been sitting here all day. Why wasn’t I called?

Me: I’m very sorry sir, but I’m confused a little I think. You told me that you get voice mails correct?

Client: Yes. I’ve been given two voice mails saying that the part has not arrived yet, but these have both been the day before my appointment. No one calls me on the day of and says that it still has not come in yet.

Me: (blink blink)

Client: I should get a call don’t you think?

Me: (blink blink)

Client: Hello?

Me: Sir, are you aware that we call the day before if we do not believe that an appointment is going to happen on time?

Client: That doesn’t do me any good does it?

Me: (blink blink) No sir, I guess it doesn’t. Well, just so you know for future references: We call the day before we believe that we cannot fulfill upon any of our service calls due to parts or personnel or weather or anything we have control over. That’s to tell you that the next day’s appoint is no longer on the books. The voice mails should have included a new date for the fulfillment yes?

Client: And that is another thing. Why are they always a week apart?

Me: Sir, to allow time for the part to come in.

Client: Well, what’s taking so long?

Me: Sir, I would have to contact the vendor and find that out.

Client: Great. Now, I need to reschedule the next appointment. We just scheduled a golf game on that date and I really want to play.

Me: (blink blink)… (Cannot….CAN…NOT…make this crap up)

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