Anyone here work in customer service/inside sales for Time Warner Spectrum?

Hey guys my inside sales training for Spectrum starts next week… was wondering if anyone could share some of their experiences/insight on what to expect or tips on how to be successful from Day 1… thank you!

edit: OP wasn’t long enough so guess I’ll add some of the little bit I know to try to make it longer. Was told during the interview process that we will only get about 30-40 inbound calls per day and I asked the manager if we are allowed to set appointments if someone can’t stay on the phone for long. He said no we’re pretty much expected to close the deal on the first call because the chances of getting them back on the phone at another time afterwards isn’t likely.

Also, since many people use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. and only subscribe to internet services nowadays, how do you go overcoming this challenge and getting people signed up for cable service as well?

Seems like Direct TV, U-Verse (and some others like FIOS) are the main competitors, but was reading about the Spectrum rebrand and it seems as though it was done because AT&T acquired Time Warner about a year ago. This strikes me as a bit strange that our main traditional services as actually, in fact, sister companies. Is this ever discussed at all within Spectrum itself? Guess the only thing I can really do is focusing on making the most commission for myself possible because the decisions for the long term strategy to gain market share will be made by the powers that be higher up the corporate ladder.

Anyways, really hope my spiel is long enough for my thread to stick, but again just want to say thanks again for anyone that may be able to share some of their insight about the inside sales position for Time Warner/Spectrum!

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