Yes, we cancel flights on purpose because we hate money


I work customer service for an airline. Due to the storms in the NE we had quite a few cancellations.

We’ve all been there before and it’s really frustrating not to know what’s happening, I get it. But holding up the line complaining about the hold time or asking questions no one knows the answer to (and even if I did it doesn’t help your situation now) or demanding compensation you’re not entitled to doesn’t get you anywhere and just makes other people calling in to reschedule or get refunds wait on hold that much longer.

One (understandably frustrated) customer just started yelling about how everything is our fault and we have terrible customer service and we should have given more notice about a last minute cancellation, etc and finally ended with, “…and you just cancelled my flight on purpose for NO REASON…!”

Yes, ma’am. We cancelled your flight for no reason because we are a company that hates money and likes giving it back in refunds, requiring overtime for call center staff at time and a half pay, not to mention having crew and pilots stuck in airports and unable to staff other flights that day, requiring more staff to reconfigure our inventory of planes and personnel to different routes as soon as possible keeping track of legal hours worked before they hit their maximum legal work time necessitating mandatory wait times, and sometimes accommodations and feeding them until they can legally get back in the air.

I’m just glad I’m not a gate agent. I couldn’t hack it that’s for sure.

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