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First time poster! Been lurking awhile and figured I would share my tale.

I do mid-market sales and technical support for a very large web hosting company. Customer called in about a charge he did not expect for a product he is using called an SSL. I will be R, and Lunatic Customer is LC.

LC: I am TELLING you I bought this January of this year. You billed me in December. Why am I not getting a full year?

R: I am seeing the last time that you paid for this as Nov. of the previous year. You got this product for free with a larger purchase in Jan. of the previous year. 1 year and 1 month has passed between Nov. of previous year and Dec. of this year, so I think the payment looks alright!

LC: NO. I got it January this year.

R: I have the receipt from January of the previous year.

LC: Are you listening to me? I said I bought it THIS year.

R: Sir there is nothing to argue about here. I can prove that you had this from January of the previous year.

LC: Stop talking. I said that I have only had it for one year.

At this point he starts getting on my nerves, and I change my tone.

R: Are you implying that your memory is better than my documented evidence? I can send this receipt to you so that you can see what I see.

LC: If you can’t help me, get me to a supervisor. Now. You are not listening to anything I am saying.

R: I am listening. What you are saying is not reasonable. Are you insisting that less than one year has elapsed between Jan. of previous year and December of this year?


R: …I’m going to say that again. Are you saying that between Jan. ** of last year and Dec. ** of this year, less than 365 days have passed?


R: …I think my supervisor is available now to take your call. Let me transfer you.

You’d think people with plenty money to spend with us would be a bit more bright…

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