Drunk guy crossed the line at the last second

Another tale from my telecoms company.

Me: u/Majahzi

C: Drunk Customer

Me: Thanks for calling, this is u/Majahzi, can I have your name please?

C: Do you know a guy named Dwayne?

Me: Um… no.

C: … Are you sure?

Me: Yeah I would know if I know a Dwayne.

I am thinking that he may have recognized my unique name and heard about me from school or maybe we lived in the same town.

Me: Where would I know him from?

C: He works there. Are you lying to me?

My company has a dozen direct call centers and maybe a dozen or so indirect contractor call centers in America. I doubt that Dwayne works with me.

Checked it and the Dwayne works in another state and noted that the customer became belligerent and hung up on him about 5 minutes ago.

Me: Well it sounds like you and Dwayne didn’t have a pleasant interaction. What can I do to fix that?

He was trying to use a mobile hotspot on our unlimited data plan for his home internet, which it isn’t really built for. I explain this to him and he’s mad about it, but understands.

He honestly just misunderstood what Dwayne was saying about his data plan and I cleared it up for him. He started talking to his friend in the background and this is when I realize he was drunk. Apparently one of them went to jail recently and they were joking about it.

C: Alright I get it. I want that Dwayne guy fired.

Me: I am sending his supervisor a strongly worded email right now. Is there anything else I can help with?

C: Nah man you’ve been awesome. Oh, can I get a credit for all my troubles?

Me: Well a misunderstanding isn’t normally something we credit for, sorry.

C: What if I say you sexually harassed me?

Me: Ummmm but I haven’t.

C: Really? Because it sounded like you said you wanna suck my dick!

Me: Whoahhhh well I’m gonna hang up now

C: Oh shit


I’m a guy

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