I got hired recently at a call center near our place. I’m just gonna say that I’m not from America but I am bilingual. I’m not gonna go into the specifics of my job since I’m still new.

Anyway, I got hired last December and passed the assessments. I’m done with nesting but it seems that I didn’t pass it. A lot of my wavemates failed as well. We were told we’re going to be on extended nesting. When I asked the trainer about failing the nesting stage, I was discouraged. When we fail, the company will terminate us and we’re considered as non hireables. I thought to myself that seems harsh. I mean, don’t you want to hire people who want to work for you again despite failing the first time? We passed the assessments and we already know the processes. So why not hire people who want to try again?

This is only my second job and communication’s always been my weakness. Despite knowing that I’m probably going to fail, I still tried anyway because I wanted the job and wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Some people say that you could always apply to other call centers but in reality, the proximity of those centers to our place is too far to be bothered. And I also want to be close to my parents since they are old.

A lot of my wavemates were saddened by this. We didn’t expect to fail and we’ve done a month’s work. We were pretty confident that we’re going to be endorsed since the company invested so much to hire us. I liked my wavemates and the trainers. Although, I don’t really like the hours nor the irate people we have to deal with in a constant basis.

So, I say why? Is this the norm for call centers? Can anybody give me some advice. I’m not fishing for pity or anything. Just need some solid advice. Appreciate your responses!

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