Sometimes you just forget you’re supposed to act professional

me: me; scg: stupid computer programmer guy;

background: i work in a call center that sells things that only exist in single quantities. You can only buy one of the thing. SCG called in in response to an email offering him an alternate because his thing double sold.

Me: Thank you for calling this is diseasedicon, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking today?

SCG: Yeah, Hi, I just got this really disturbing email saying my thing was double sold and you guys are trying to give me a different thing?

Me: Do you have your order number?

SCG: No.

Me: Uh, okay then what’s the phone number on the order?

SCG: 555-555-5555

Me: Thank you, so I do see here that the email we sent you was offering alternates, were you looking to accept those today?

SCG: Well why are you guys just sending me this now, I ordered these months ago! I’m a computer programmer the minute that happened you guys would know and I think you owe me a refund for this.

Me: emails inventory team to inquire

Me: It looks like a manager is going to need to review that to see if we’ll be able to offer a partial refund.

SCG: Well you owe me because you messed this up. I’m entitled to what I paid for! Plus I’m a computer programmer so I know this is just a bait and switch because you guys probably got a higher price for it and then are using this excuse to cover it up.

Me: No sir that would be illegal we did not do that.

SCG: And that’s why I would win the case. I’m a compu-

Me: You can assert that you’re a computer programmer all you’d like, but it doesn’t change the fact that you don’t work here.

SCG: i’m sure you can guess what happened

TL;DR Guy thinks we’re lying to get a higher price from someone else. Shut him up right quick and manager gave him the same spiel.

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