Why are internal services partners worse than customers?

Just wondering?

Last week, I got a call that I could not help with. It had to go to another department…I literally had no knowledge on the issue (mortgage loan closings).

So I transfer to the appropriate department, and the rep on the other line starts asking me specific questions about what the customer needs, and that they need some sort of specific verification. The rep then asks me to get back on the line with the customer and asks if he has these verification forms, I guess?

In any case, I say (professionally) that I can transfer the call and he can ask…at which point the rep tells me he won’t take the call until I confirm the information. At this point, while he continues to protest, I tell him that I am transferring the customer and introduce and put the customer on the line while he continues to say he won’t take the call and I disconnected.

Seriously…I expect this crap from customers, but as another employee don’t do this to me.

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