I want to speak to Gary.

First time posting, I have so many stories of the shitty people I’ve encountered while working for a telecommunications customer care call centre. This one isn’t bad but I always go to this story when asked about the calls I get.

Me: (opening monologue), can I please get your account number?

Guy: I want to speak to Gary

Me: …oh okay! I’m sure I can help you with your issue and I don’t know anyone named Gary here, so can I have your account number please?

Guy: no, I want to speak to Gary.

Me: sir, I can’t help you at all if I don’t have your account details in front of me.

Guy: I want Gary.

[we’re not allowed to pass calls to other agents but since this man was refusing to speak to me I am allowed to consult with “Gary”]

Me: alright, can I have the account number at least to see who you were speaking to?

Guy: (now shouting) I WAS SPEAKING TO GARY!

[i started to get a little annoyed here]

Me: we are a multinational company, there are over 1000 people just in this office, there is more than one Gary. If you don’t give me your account number I have no way of helping you.

Guy: (sighing) 12345678

I then start checking the notes to see the agent, I tell Guy I’m putting him on hold while I go speak to Gary. I explained all this to my manager and after looking around I’m told Gary went home sick. I go back to my desk to speak to Guy and it ended rather briefly.

Me: sir, it looks like Gary’s not here today. I can definitely help you with any issue you’re having though!

Guy: why are you trying to keep me from speaking to Gary?

At this stage I explained that if he wouldn’t speak to me I have to terminate the call.

Guy: you’re just an Irish cunt anyway

I terminated the call.

The next day I looked around for Gary and told him about this, he told me that Guy was being a dick on the phone, shouting at him saying he was incompetent and that us Irish people don’t have two brain cells to put together. I’m not sure why he wanted to speak to Gary so badly if that’s how he thought of him!

So not an overly bad one, I definitely need to start posting here more about the bad calls to get them out of my system!

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