My husband gave you permission to talk to me!

So at the bank I work for verification is pretty strict. Basically if your name’s not on the account you are SOL. In order to speak with a third party I have to read off a disclosure giving me permission to speak about the account with the third party as well as verify the account with the signer. Most people are okay with it. some people have to go and make it 10 times harder than it needs to be.

Tard= Customer’s wife

Me: it’s a great day here at bank. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

Tard: My name is Tard. You guys are declining my husband’s card and we’re trying to watch a movie.

Me: I’m sorry to hear about that card declining and I’d be happy to see what happened there. Are you by chance a signer on the account?

Tard: Yes. He gave you permission to talk to me. The card number is 123456789.

I pull up the account and she’s clearly not listed as a signer.

Me: Well ma’am upon looking at the account I actually see that you are not a signer.

Tard: yeah my husband is and he gave me permission to talk to you. Husband in the background “yeah you can speak with her.”

Me: I apologise but I actually need to speak with your husband. There’s a verification process I need to go through with him.

Tard: SIGHpasses phone to her husband

Husband: (annoyed) my name is Customer and you have permission to speak to my wife Tard.

Me: Okay I jus-

Tard: okay my husband’s card number is 123456789

Me: ma’am could you please pass the phone back to your husband. I have to go through verification with him before I can speak-

Tard: he just told you you could speak to me! (To her husband) They’re still not talking to me.

Husband: (In the background) I give you permission to speak with my wife. What’s the problem?

Tard: Why can you speak to me?!

Me: I still have to go through verification with your husband before I can speak with you.

Tard: He told you his name! I gave you the card number!

Me: okay but you are not a signer so I can’t take the card number from you.

Tard: Ugh! click

Seriously in all the time it took them to argue with me I could have already accessed the account and had the problem solved.

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