Whats your emergency plan

I work as a manager for a large bank. These are some of the things i deal with:

Customer calls in asking for a manager. She wants us to credit her account because she had an emergency and had no funds. I told her we couldnt credit her account and she says, you are my bank, what is your emergency plan for me? I dont remember where the call went from there, but, i wanted to say(and couldnt) that you need to have an emergency plan for yourself, it is not the bank’s job to bail you out.

You would be surprised the number of people that call us asking to advance their payroll in 2 weeks or a month.

A lot of people threaten to sue for allowing them to overdraft and a lot of people threaten to sue because we wont let them overdraft.

I also take a lot of calls from people disputing their balances. Had a girl call in saying she never got her payment from PayPal. I tell her, yes you did, but your account was negative, so the credit was taken by that. Customer refuses to believe me. Starts screaming at me. She gets so angry, she puts her mother on the phone (pet peeves, parents are the worst). Mother makes her login to see her transactions on the website. I do the breakdown with the mother (mother was surprisingly nice), mother understands, daughter is still in the background screaming. Mother turns to the daughter and starts to scold her for wasting my time and harassing me. She tells her to stop acting like a child and that she needs to learn how to manager her account. My jaw drops. I start to giggle. Mother giggles with me as daughter continues to scream in the background. Mother says she will take care of it and lets me go.

Ive had a lot of people wish black magic on me. A lot of people telling me that they hope my children die. And one lady telling me that she hopes i get in a fatal car accident on the way home.

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Wasn’t able to help a customer fast enough and she was injured.

Good Story!