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Sooo…. I get a lot of angry callers. Sometimes I think they send them to me just to see what happens. I can almost always turn those calls around, get them communicating, and at least send them on their way with an accurate understanding of their options.

Then…. You sometimes get the caller where that just isn’t an option. This was one of those calls. I managed to get their information verified which they did through gritted teeth and to ask them how I could help them. Then began the 20 minute long obscenity riddled rant on why they needed special treatment and of course spelled out a ridiculous set of demands which I must now agree to.

Little does the customer know, the 20 minute mark is my free-from QA mark. They’re doomed.

I begin to sound very interested. Putting in the odd REALLY?!?!?! and a few OH!? just for good measure. They slow, they stop… Perhaps to catch a breath. More likely to invent a new insult…

I tell the customer “DON’T STOP NOW!!! I’M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT! I need to know how this ends!”


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