Wasn’t able to help a customer fast enough and she was injured.

I work claims for a large insurance provider and a couple weeks before Christmas I got a call from an older woman that had just rear-ended someone on the freeway and needed a tow. This was during rush hour in a very large US city. I tried my best to get a provider, but the first gave me an eta of 4 hours and two others gave me 90 minutes. When I came back to let her know I heard the claimant telling her the police were en route. I told her I could accept the tow, but the police would get one faster and since they were already on their way we could finish up and they would call her a tow. She agreed and said she had to pee so hopefully they get there soon and we laughed.

Not five minutes later I hear the crash and I hear her screams. 6+ years of claims and I have never heard screams like this, it was absolutely terrifying, I’ve never heard fear and pain like that. The call never disconnected, but her phone was thrown so she couldn’t hear me when I called out to her. By some luck an off duty EMT showed up, I heard everything and didn’t disconnect until I heard the ambulance show up like 15-20 minutes later and they pulled her from the car.

I left her a voicemail the next day and I saw that her daughter filed the claim for the second impact days later. Her injuries were multiple fractures and severe cuts.

I feel guilty and hear her screams everyday. I know I couldn’t have gotten a tow out there faster, I tried, but I constantly think what if? Ya know?

I still love my job and I have heard so many horrible things that make me fear being in an accident, but this will just not go away. No matter what I tell myself I feel guilty every single day.

Has anyone else in TFCC been in a similar situation?

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