Sorry Ma’am, there are no 6 month memberships

I work for an emergency roadside assistence company, but mainly my job is to call expired members and renew their memberships. Soft sales, no big deal, you do get weird calls tho because you are calling them.

So the phone beeped with my next call and I give her my speech. You can tell she’s just a frail old lady by her voice, but she’s sharp a a tack!

We discuss her membership and she very matter-of-factly states that she is 96 years old and that she hopes she doesn’t live another year and do we have 6 month memberships? I say that we do not so she goes on to tell me about how she’s had her Buick for 35 years and how it has 7k miles on it and also about how she should just probably sell it.

It could have been sad, but the way she said it all really made me feel ok about it. I wish I could have talked to her all night.

I really like my job 🙂

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Then I’m not going to pay!

You need to tell me why it’s stops working everyday