Cheating partner

I used to work at a call centre for a phone company. A man rang up disputing phone calls that had been made that had been charged. I think the bill came to about £40 for that month.

We went round in circles saying if the calls are shown on the bill they have to have been made. I asked if he recognised the number, if anyone else in the house could have rang it and so on. This went on for about 30 minutes until eventually he decided to get off the phone, call the number and find out who it was.

He called again a few days later and happened to get back through to me…yay… Turns out his wife had been calling the number as it was her new “mystery man” who she’d been having an affair with for quite some time. He wanted the number blocked and her name taken off all the documents.

Even though he was an absolute twat to me, I don’t think he deserved that.

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