So I’m out

I resigned this morning after talking with my SO about my mental health. We agreed the best thing for me is not working at a call centre with how bad it made my anxiety. Remember that everyone is not cut out for a call centre job.

And a story so this doesn’t get deleted…

A man called up to check on a claim for one of his medications. Okay we get that a lot.

Me: do you happen to know the name of the medication you filed the claim for?

Guy: NO! My wife does that and she isn’t here.

Me: ah… Okay. Do you know around the time you took the medication?

Guy: July something

Me: please hold whilst I look through your account…

So I dig through his account, clicking every prescription on file… And finally after ten minutes (literally, not caller time) I finally find the claim.

Me: Thank you for holding so patiently. I have found the claim. You’ll receive the refund within 21 days. I know its a long time, but thats unfortunately the quoted time frame

Guy: 21 days?!

Me: yes sir.

Guy: what ever. hangs up

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