Not Sure Why No One is Answering!!

Medium story here. Mobile, so usual formatting warnings.

I walk in today at 8:01A PST (Relevant later)- about half my team is in the room, the other I’m assuming are in meetings (I work for a company that is half training to use a software, and half support for people who have gone “Live”)

I come in, check Freshdesk, and, as if it wasn’t a glowing indicator of how my day is going to go, there’s a voicemail from RingCentral. Plug in headphones, listen, and get this:

“Hi [company], Uhm, I’m calling because I sent in a ticket about [product] – The agent wrote me a reply and included a training video which was very sweet”

I’m thinking, okay, routine call. Our product is complicated, sometimes it’s not intuitive even with a video to follow along. She sounds nice enough. And then, like Enchantress herself fucking possessed her body, she continues:

“But I /don’t/ have sound on my computer and I /don’t/ own a pair of headphones, so what are you guys going to do about that? Not sure why no one is answering! But it would be great if someone there would actually help me with this. Call me at [name/number]”

To which the VM ends. And I’m sort of in shock, like, my first ticket of the day… my coworkers in the room listen to it in my insistence and they react with the same wide-eyed holy shit that I do. Take a deep breath, back to my cubicle, and call her back. What grown adult doesn’t have a pair of headphones?

(Completely harried and frenetic) “Hello?!”

Me: “Hi, I’m Ashley with [company], looking for [client].”

Client: “Yeah, you called her number, so, who else did you think you could be talking to”

brief pause for me, because I’m rarely unsure of how to respond to a client

M: “Sorry about that. Didn’t know if this was an office where I had to be directed.”

C: “Okay, and what do you want?”

Brief pause. More bewilderment

M: “Uhm, I just wanted to apologize for missing your call, our call center isn’t open until 9A PST and you called at 7.15A PST. So sorry about that. Sounds like you had questions about [product function]? Are you at a pl—“

C: “Okay, I really don’t have time for this. I have to go to a meeting. I’ll just call you later.”

And she hangs up on me, leaving me in an uncaffienated stupor, wondering, in short, how we have such awful clients sometimes.

Haven’t heard back from her either, she never called or emailed back.

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