No power? My internet should still work!

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This is one of many calls I got yesterday due to that nasty snow, rain and wind storm that affected the east coast and Atlantic Canada and took down lines, broke poles among other things. I do tech support for an ISP and this was an overflow call because we were slammed.

This woman (W) calls in saying she has no internet. Now, she’s in an area that got hit the hardest by the storm. I knew for a fact that power had not yet been restored. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: intro

W: I have no internet. All the lights went off on my modem!

Me: Do you have power?

W: No! But I should have internet!

Me: …but the modem runs off of electricity.

W: I should still have internet.

Me: Your connection will be restored once the power company gets the power back on.

W: I’m paying for a service that’s not working!

face meets desk and desk meets face

Me: I apologize but the modem does need electricity.

W: I’m switching to competitor this is bullshit! click

I love my job. I adore my job.

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