No, I’m Not A Teenager. Yes, I’m The Only One Here

I’m the only one on phones, all week. We’re a small office and we’re efficient, so there is no need for more staff.

Let me preface this with the fact I have a very soft, young-sounding voice. I regularly get calls at home where they asked if I can go and get my parent. I’m nearly middle-aged. So, at work, making and receiving calls can get funny.

One day (although this could be any number of days; it happens like clock-work), I was doing my script when the guy cuts me off, said I sounded too young to know what I was talking about (he used the word “teenager”), and that he’d be more comfortable with someone older.

Somewhat used to this, I calmly explained that not only am I am the only person here, but that I am qualified and older than I sound.

Dude doesn’t believe me, hangs up and calls again, 3 more times. Each time, I reiterate that I am indeed the only one here to handle his enquiry, and that I am not a teenager. Each time he gets more angry/exasperated in his, “You again?!”. Yes, me again. Lovely to speak to you again and get hung up on.

Eventually says he will be making a complaint. ‘Kay. Not sure what about? Damn teenagers on the phones?

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