I am a real person (chat agent)

I work in a call center but I am a chat agent. The current contract I am working with only offers Chat and email support. The company is going out of business and really just wants us to tie up loose ends. we are 3rd party call center.

Anyway, at least once a day I am asked to talk to a REAL person. We all get this, we just say we only have chat for real-time help, and then something snippy about being real people.

We also get the people who some reason write what looks like is meant to be an email even though the big bubble says chat on it.

Today (second chat of the day) the person was BOTH of those things!

Cx: Long email/chat about wanting to buy something at a corporate discount rate. Leaves chat before I can greet them.

Cx chats back: Why can not call you I need help! Me: Happy to help, sorry no phone support etc CX: Let me talk to a real person about corporate sales. Me: I am a real person and we no longer sell anything directly. Cx: SALES Me: Hi! We do not have a sales department. Is there anything I can help you with? CX: SALES DEPARTMENT for corporate discounts Me: Sorry we do not offer any discounts and we don’t sell anything so no sales department. We are tech support only.

3 minutes pass

Cx: Why is there no real person I can talk to?? Me: I am real, now have a great rest of your day BYE!

Cx chatted back and Sup took the chat told the same thing and then blocked them from chatting in again.

I know there are a lot of evil chatbots out there but I promise I am a real person.

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