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So a woman calls in with no picture coming from her TV box. I was thinking lovely, easy call just rule out the variables and come to a resolution. She check all cables were secure and that she was on the correct A/V channel. All secure and looking good so far. I then asked her to try something else like a DVD player or anything in the same HDMI port. She was unwilling to do this and requested an engineer.

“We don’t know yet miss if you need a tech yet, could just be the HDMI cable or even the HDMI port itself”

She reluctantly tried that and HDMI cable and port were working fine. Now, these TV boxes need to be connected to an ariel for the freeview channels and has online apps such as Netflix etc. Turns out she has picture and sound after telling me the screen is just black, she cannot view live tv through the ariel so I asked her to plug the ariel directly into the coax port on the T. She flips out and starts screaming for an engineer again.

“To be honest miss, I have a feeling this is the ariel or cable as it’s only live tv not working. Our techs don’t fix these as it is your equipment”

She tells my I’m a dick and some other stuff as I try to get it across to her that if it is the ariel she will be charged for the call out. So I read her the mandatory statement to my surprise she agreed stating that she knows it’s the box anyway cos I was wrong about the other cable.

Checked the account after the visit and see a pending engineer charge on account and engineer notes stating: “unable to complete task as customers own equipment – ariel at fault.

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