“Just write it off!!!” (Long post)

Hey 🙂 this is first time posting. Really enjoy reading everyone’s tales so I thought I’d share one myself.

So this happened quite recently at a Christmas temp job I just finished. Its a company that sells a range of alcohol based products (mainly wine) which customers order through a quarterly magazine. My job was mainly dealing with general enquiries and orders for customers. Most people I dealt with were quite decent and well mannered, but you always get the odd few as you all well know.

This particular call really did take the biscuit though! this guy had actually called us before even though he wasn’t a customer with us because he was actually sent a box of wine by accident. This can happen because the carrier got either the postcode or house name mixed up, so what we normally do is set up a collection from their address, or sometimes we allow them to keep the case at a discount instead. However This customer was not having any of this!

I’ll be ME and annoying guy will be AG:

ME: good afternoon (company name) how can I help ?

AG: yes! So I spoke to someone earlier about this case of wine that I received and I would like to sort this out asap please.

ME: ok sir I am sorry about that. Let me get this looked into for you. (Opens up search program) could I get a postcode or surname so that I can find this order for you first.

AG: well no I don’t at all feel comfortable about giving out my details to you as I’m not a customer with you, I just want to sort out this case.

ME: I understand sir but it’s the only way I can track it to see the Order. That way I can do something about it.

(AG continues to refuse to give me details. Until I relay to him that I’ve checked with a supervisor and they said that we definitely need the information)

AG: ok here is my post code.

ME: thank you sir. So I can see that this is the order you have . (I explain the reason why the error occurred). I do apologise sir , what I’ll do for you is I can set up a collection for you now which will be within 3 to 4 working days.

AG: no I’m not going to do that! This is my holiday home so I won’t be in.

ME: not a problem sir, if you leave it in a safe place outside your property we can collect it from there instead.

AG: no I’m not happy with just leaving it outside where people can see! Can you just write it off as it was your mistake not mine?

ME: sir I understand your concern but as it is our responsibility we will need to collect the item. Alternatively if you wanted to keep the case we could give you £40 off it. That is the best offer we can do.

AG: no I don’t want to pay for the case. If you want to collect it then that’s fine but I need to know exactly when it will be so that I can be in. If not then you should write it off.

ME: sir as it is our busiest time of year we cannot guarantee an exact or time for carrier arrivals. The only thing I can suggest is I can get our delivery team to ring you in a day or two to give you more details.

AG: no I am not giving out anymore details to anyone.

(So this basically goes back and forth. Clearly the guy is just being difficult as he wants us to hand him the case for free. But because this was just a complete no so I had no choice but to carry on relaying the same options to him. )

ME: Sir the only option is have then is to set up the collection and perhaps we can send you a letter notification using the details we already have.

AG: someone can call me as long as they tell me exactly when it will get collected.

ME: we cannot guarantee anything sir but I can set up an exact date for the collection which they may be able to do. Also as a goodwill gesture you are welcome to keep a few bottles from the case as this was our mistake.

AG: well really you should let me have the whole case! (Cases of wine are worth over £100 btw) but anyway if they don’t come I will be taking this up to management!

ME: no problem sir I will get that sorted. Thank you for your call.

So yea he didn’t get his way no matter what excuse he tried to pull up. I did get that it was an inconvenience but there’s no way we would have allowed him to keep a case of expensive wine that wasn’t his. I mean why call us if it was too much hassle to do anything ?

Thanks for reading!

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