[M] “I’m reporting you to watchdog”

Some background : I was working for an insurance company where we sold “tool kit” insurance to self employed traders with a £50 excess to replace up to £5,000 tools if they’re stolen, accidentally damaged etc.

This particular customer was a hairdresser looking to make an insurance claim for some expensive scissors – I had no idea that professional hairdressing scissors could cost upwards of £250 but there you go!

Me: Hi, you’re through to friends-waffles-work how can I help?

Her: Hi, I’d like to make a claim for my broken hairdressing scissors

[yadda, yadda, got her name and postcode pulled up her policy details]

Me: Oh, okay, it looks like you only took out your policy yesterday afternoon…

Her: yes…

Me: well when did the incident happen?

Her: yesterday.

Me: okay, so the damage to the scissors happened the same day you took the insurance out?

Her: [getting irate] yes, and that’s why I took the insurance out, to claim for the scissors

Me: [incredulous/confused/baffled] but… you can’t take insurance out after the damage has already happened

Her: why not?

Me: [lost for words] well no-one would take out car insurance for example, because they could just buy it after a crash?

Her: so I can’t make a claim?

Me: well, no…

Her: that’s not right, insurance is a rip off [rant, rant, rant] I’m cancelling and I want a refund [rant, rant, rant] and I’m reporting you to watchdog and the ombudsmen!

hangs up on me

THEN she calls back 10 minutes later and tries to have the exact same conversation with me again, not realising I’m the same person….

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