Not all Call Centers are full of awful management

FTF LTL – Apologies if format is not quite right etc.

I just wanted to share a story from my call center- background I work at a large ISP/Cable provider in Canada. We pride ourselves on being empathetic and generally have good values to the company and the customers. It’s a good place to work barring the occasional shithead customer.

I work with this one very kind and lovely little lady. She is Chinese but speaks fluent English as her 2nd Language. We are front line tech support for when shit breaks essentially. None of our call centers are outsourced and we are very culturally diverse. My biggest pet peeve is hearing some of my co-workers being told “I want to speak to someone who speaks english” – I’m Australian and i’ve even had someone say it to me before. It’s just ignorant.

Anyway we are now 3-4 weeks out of training and on our own for calls. Que MEGA ASSHOLE DICKFACE (MAD) customer – calls in over something trivial (sorry it’s been a while so i’m sure it was something like Wifi not working or a billing issue) and my co-worker tries her best to help but he is not having it, calling her every name under the sun and demanding to speak to a “White- English speaking person” – Her accent is minimal at best and her English is probably better then mine and it’s my first language. The call eventually escalates to our 2nd tier support who sometimes take on supervisor calls. MAD proceeds to be a dickhead and the call eventually gets resolved. Tier 2 support agent see’s my friend is visible upset and shaken by the call so decides to listen back on the recording.

This is where it get’s awesome, T2 support then informs our direct supervisor of call, who proceeds to listen and is appalled. Direct Supervisor then calls back MAD – informs him that we won’t tolerate people speaking to our employee’s like that and cancelled his account with the company and tells him we don’t want his business.

Moral of the story – we are all just people, don’t be dicks to the people trying to fix your shit or you might end up with no shit to fix at all.

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If you had checked prior to calling we would be be done by now.

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