Lives Are Worth More Than Your Appointment

This call literally just happened. I work for an ISP and I spoke to a very Irate Man who had an appointment today to fix whatever was wrong with his services.

Now, where I am, there are blizzard and blowing snow warnings in effect. Road conditions are awful and you cannot see 10 feet in front of you. Where this guy is though is even worse and I have been recieving these kinds of calls from these areas all day. This is the conversation I have with this guy in particular.

Me: intro

IM: Why was my appointment cancelled?

Me: I do apologize but it was cancelled due to the weather conditions. There are blizzard advisories in your area.

IM: WHAT?! A little snow and you cancel my appointment?! ISP is awful and provides awful customer service.

Me: IM, it’s a total whiteout in your area. Visibility is extremely low. All techs are off the roads.

IM: That’s no excuse. My internet is important.

Me: So is a human life. Actually, even more important. We are not endangering the lives of our techs and other people. Your appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Is there anything else I can help out with today?

IM: I’m paying for this service!

Me: We will have the ONE day you missed removed from your bill. Thank you for choosing ISP and have a good day. click

Some people… This is the first time I’ve ever had to get kind of frustrated at a customer.

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