Lazy leads

Is it me or does anyone else get upset or annoyed when leads/supervisor refuse to take calls?

Like, today I had a lady that was screaming all her services were out, “i want a supervisor. Don’t talk. Put me on hold and get a supervisor.”

I spend a lot more time de-escalating customers then I do fixing problems. My cst surveys always sit at 98%-100% a month. If I can calm you down, I will. But you can’t win every battle. This was one. I did as asked, what was policy, and called a lead over. (Which I rarely do. I like being self-sufficient.)

Wait 3 minutes. He comes over.

And he said,” no. Just no. I can’t take a call right now. I’ll call her back in a hour. Tell her I’m unavailable.”

Well, guess what happened? She escalated to corporate. She flew off the handle, man. Not like she wasn’t there before, but she decided to skydive off the empire state building. I started soft and sweet, so sorry. She cut me off.

When they get this crazy, I don’t use soft and sweet. I get snippy right back. Like borderline, “you know what, no. You want to be a bitch, fine. 2 way street, honey.”

“Why are you still talking? Where is the supervisor?”

“He’s not available. He’ll have to call you back.”

“What is that? Are you listening?”

“I am, and sorry. What is the best contact number?”

She calms down a bit. But again mentions escalating to corporate. Nice me comes out again. According to policy, if they threaten corporate, she needs to go up the escalation chain, or I’m in trouble. She’s no longer allowed to leave my phone until a superior takes over.

Calls lead over. Waits 5 minutes now. Same lead, same answer. And I finally turned to him, and said really dumb and sweetly, “she’s asking for corporate now. And your name. What number should I give her?”

Took him like 10 more minutes, but he finally did. Wasted 20 mins of everyone’s time, and just escalated her more.

Like dude. Take the freaking call. This is policy. This is your job description. I wouldn’t send this to you if I could handle it. Do what you’re paid to do.

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