Your what has been stolen?

This is a story from one of my old call centres. Its been a while since i worked there. But i worked credit cards and lost and stolen for a bank mainly.

This came through on the lost and stolen line.

Me: good afternoon your through to clucks how can i help you today?

Man: yeah… my wife has been stolen on the bus. I need you to cancel her cards.

Me:…. your wife has been stolen?

Man: yes her name is Jane Doe and her postcode is AB1 C23 can you just cancel her cards?

He sounded panicked. But far too calm at the same time for if his wife has actually been stolen if that is even the right term. But enough to think the cards need to be cancelled quickly.

Me as im going through and cancelling cards: erm…. sir…. did you mean your wifes bag had been stolen? Or your actual wife?

Man: her bag. Why would you think it was my wife that had been stolen?

Me: you never mentioned her bag. Just your wife and a bus.

Man bursts out laughing: oh shit. Sorry. Im trying to think of everything she had in there so we can cancel everything. And… oh (laughs more) im surprised you handled the call so well and didnt question this sooner.

Me: hey i aint here to make no judgements. Its all been done they are cancelled but in order to issue new ones your wife needs to phone us as she is sole owner of those accounts blah blah other general info.

10yrs i stopped working there. This story is still my favourite.

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