Keep calling, I am the only one here.

The other day due to the snow a lot of agents left early. Since I am literally neighbors to the call center I stayed until closing. We weren’t busy at all maybe 2-3 calls an hour lasting maybe 2 minutes each. This lady called in wanting to setup service, sweet a sale….Oh I was naive.

Lady: I want to setup service @ 123 Fake st. 12345

Me: I would be glad to help you out with that, give me one moment to bring up that address in our system. Address locked due to all accounts being non-pay disconnects Just Great. With this we need proof that this tenant did not live at this address at all when the non-pay accounts where active, if they lived there at all the account balances would need paid.

Me: Thank you for the hold, But I regret to inform you right now this address does have a collections lock on it, our collection team would need proof of occupancy, so a lease or deed showing when you moved in, photo ID, or anything showing the date when you moved in.

Lady: I ain’t doin dat, f*** dat, and f*** you. hangs up (Yes, she sounded like that)

I was more laughing at this point, but shows me you were trying to scam us, makes notes of what happened for collections

Cue 2 minutes later

Me: Thank you for calli…..

Lady: YOU AGAIN? I don’t want to talk to you, I want to talk to someone that will setup my service.

Me: I am sorry but I am the only sales agent in tonight due to the storm, I would be glad to setup service if you provide us with the docume…… click Whatever.

30 seconds later


Me: I told you I am the only agent working in sales, if you call at all tonight you will get me guaranteed.

Lady: seconds of awkward silence How much does James owe?

Me: trying not to laugh, James account was 3 accounts ago. Which means collections will want those 3 recent accounts paid, and they all owe us equipment

Me: With all equipment he had, back due, and late fees. $1897.50.

Lady: *Starts screaming at “James” and ends the call.

I get in the next morning and seems she called and reported me for being rude and unwilling to work with her. My sup laughed and said she is an idiot.

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