Decent to D-bag in 45 minutes

Fleet company call center. I’m AAA, your insurance company, glass repair, and rental agency all in one for company provided vehicles.

Guy in Queens NY calls in after 7pm local. He hit a pot hole. Flat tire. Yay me I get a tow, accident report, and collision.

Set up his tire change possible tow, send it off to my tow team to find a vendor. Explain to him due to location (east coast), and time of day IF we can’t change his tire, we’re towing his car to his house. He’s cool with it.

Set up collision, and take the ARS. Get an email from my collision manager having my lead add driver’s requested tire shop. Cool cool.

Finish up, give the tow spiel and AGAIN explain the tire change may not happen and if not WE WILL TOW HIM HOME. Let him know we’re using his requested tire shop and if he gets towed home, let us know and we’ll tow him to shop in the morning.

The goal here is to not leave the driver stranded AND not have to pay storage fees for the night. He thanks me, asks for my name because I’ve been helpful. Woo hoo. I might get a complement from a decently high up client. (We can tell VIPS by what they drive)

Cut to 45 minutes later. Vendor on scene. Says nope to the tire change. Driver starts flipping his shit because we’re towing him home and not to the shop.

Calls, gets me and chews me out for 5 minutes and WILL NOT LET ME ANSWER HIM. Like dude STFU and I can tell you why we’re doing what we’re doing.

End of the call, his vehicle is going to the tire shop tonight. I noted in the file that it’s per driver request and he states they have a night drop and no gated yard. I don’t know nor care how the hell his d-bag ass is getting home from the tire shop.

How do you go from pleasant to d-bag in 45 minutes?

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Stupid customers… Need I say more?

Keep calling, I am the only one here.