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A client has purchased a dishwasher on line. We call them DOT COM orders. The client had called me the day prior to say that the wrong color dishwasher was brought out to his home. He ordered a white dishwasher and not a stainless steel dishwasher.

I inform the client that since this was a DOT COM order it would be best if he accepted the stainless steel dishwasher and allowed me to set up a return/exchange the next day due to the order being in a “working” status. (The warehouse team must clear the working status by checking the truck back in).

I thought everything was good. So, I get in the next day and go to set up the return/exchange for the client. Only the DOT COM order is not in a completed status as expected. It has been rescheduled for a future date. Now, this is a DOT COM order. You CANNOT swap out items on a DOT COM order. They must be canceled and remade by the client online. So, I see the EXACT SAME SKU (stainless steel) is set for the future date. I put notes in the bottom of the order with the correct sku, so that the client can see it when he remakes the order.

I then send the client an email stating that the wrong sku is still on the order.

The client replies back: It’s okay, it’s been rescheduled for (date).

I replied: Oh, I was not aware that you had made the change (I knew he had not). When I looked at the order set for (date) it still had the stainless steel sku on it.

Client replies: Oh, could you verify that for me?

Me: (thinking: ARE YOU SERIOUS, I JUST TOLD YOU IT WAS STILL WRONG!) I replied: Sir, that is why I sent you the first email. You still have a stainless steel dishwasher headed your way.

(Continued thought: Did you at least look at the two different skus and place them in our website to verify YOURSELF???) Help me…help you…..

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