No good deed goes unpunished (long story)

I get a phone call from a client.

She gives me a number that does not pull up an order. That is very odd. She insists it is the only number she would use.

She’s almost in tears, so I try that number in our legal report system to see if it pulls up any recorded conversation.

It does. Good.

I find that she bought a Samsung refrigerator back in 2014 (It’s 2018 currently).

She is reporting that it is not cooling any longer. The day this happened she called my team’s repair line. Now, her extended warranty sold by our store had already expired in 2016.

However, the person she spoke to there must have had pity on her because they sent a tech out.

Tech reports it is the compressor and it’s a pinched line. There is no fixing this.

So, now she wants my store to replace a four year old refrigerator.

Not going to happen with an expired warranty plan. BUT…. A compressor on a refrigerator is under factory warranty for ten years!

The client can call Samsung, or we can give her half the value of her current refrigerator as credit to buy a new refrigerator.

I inform her of this.

—Time goes by. I think all is well. I…was…wrong… —

She sends me an email saying that a Samsung tech came out and discovered that one of our techs had already opened the sealed system up.

As a result this violated the compressor warranty.

The tech packed up his stuff and left.

Her email is SCREAMING AT ME. (for some unknown reason).

I do what we call a kitchen sink email. Anyone that may help is put on this email and I wait to see what comes back.

I get a field manager that actually called Samsung and told them what B.S. they were telling the client. This field manager actually calls the client and tells her to call Samsung back and ask for an RA code. (RA = Return Authorization)

She does this.

Samsung gives her an RA code.

She then emails me for what happens next.

I reply: One of two things will happen. 1. Samsung will contact our company and we will replace the refrigerator. Or 2. Samsung will send you a card with a fund and your RA code on it and you can use that card at our company to buy a new refrigerator.

She replies back a couple of days later, in GIANT LETTERS, some of which she has actually colored red: They say that it is going to take 14 days to send me that card. Had I known it was take so long I would have accepted your store credit so I would already have a refrigerator. This is ridiculous! (Ridiculous is in bold red letters and font size 56). I want that store credit, I am not waiting on that card!

Well, that’s a problem… LOL…

I replied: Well mam, Samsung is the only company that can help you now. My company should not have ever even sent that tech out. However, we did assist you greatly be getting Samsung to give you that RA code. I can no longer offer you the store credit because Samsung has already generated that fund card. Sorry.

She replies back with some of the most vile things I’ve ever had to read in an email. Apparently MY company is the reason her compressor went out and as a result we are the world’s worse.

–No good deed goes unpunished!–

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