Fix my mistake

Got a wonderful customer today. He wanted to file an insurance claim since he broke his phone today and couldn’t because he didn’t have insurance. He thought it did so he contacted us to get it straightened out.

I see that it was removed in August of 201x. Now he’s pissed and wants to know. Further digging, he called earlier that week to remove it because the insurance company wouldn’t replace his phone after it passed the limit (something like 60 or more days since incident)

So we tell him he doesn’t have insurance because he called in to remove it because he didn’t like the insurance provider. Now he wants to know what we’re going to do to get him a phone (he’s upgrade eligible mind you) for free to keep him as a customer.

Kick rocks, sir

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Frenchy is good at his job. This doesn’t make Frenchy a good teacher.

Had an immature moment and good laugh with a customer.