She eyerolled her way into the no more courtesy authorizations zone!

I had a caller today who started off really pleasant an nice, so I’m like cool, it’s Monday, it’s busy, I should knock this out in no time. Nope.

Customer: I just want to set up a payment.

Me: sure! (Verified who I was talking to and all that) I see the account on file is in policyholder’s name, are you going to be using that account?

Customer: yes that’s the one.

Me: okay, so then if possible, we just need to speak with her to confirm if we can take the pay–

Customer: um, no, she’s at church and I do this all the time. My name should be on file.

Me: yes I do see an authorization for you here but it says information only. Every time we’ve made a payment with you, she has been there, so I’ll allow it as a courtesy, but whenever she gets the chance, if she can just contact us to verify that the authorization is intended for payments as well I’ll–

Customer: tells me the story about the one time she was authorized for INFORMATION ONLY 3x in a row

Me: I understand, and as I said I’ll go ahead and run the payment this time, but whenever she has a moment to contact us–

Customer: this is really stupid that I have to keep going through this with you guys etc etc.

Me: well ma’am, it’s to protect her security so–

Customer: whatever audible eyeroll

Me: ma’am if you don’t care to protect her security then–

Customer: whatever hangs up

So I ran the payment and put a note on the policy that no more payments are allowed without an authorization from the bank account holder. Since I’m a senior associate with a small amount of authority, people have to follow it, unless she gets someone more senior than me next time she calls.

I was gonna just let it slide but I have no patience for that attitude.

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