A moment of silence for everyone who has to help people with website use over the phone.

I work for an e-commerce apparel company, and our target market is… seniors. One of my least favorite types of calls are from frustrated people who can’t navigate our website. Or the internet in general. We get to same types of calls so often, that after the first sentence out of their mouth I know how to solve their problem. But, ya know, you gotta wait for them to finish their 5-minute intro or else you’re rude for interrupting. Anyway here are some common issues people call about:

-Our biggest competitor bought the google adspace when someone googles our name. So lots of people call trying to order our competitors items, thinking it’s us. Because they are the first search result and old people can’t tell what’s an ad and what’s not.

-Customers think they can type our name without “.com” into the address bar and reach our site. They don’t understand what the google search results page is.

-On the checkout page, it gives you an option to type in a promo code at the bottom. Next to this box is an “update” button to update your cart with the promo code. Below all that is the “review order and finish” button. Apparently no one sees that button and they think if they hit “update” that should bring them to the review order screen.

And that’s just a tiny snippet. Good luck out there fellow call center bros.

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