I’m on a fixed income!

I don’t work for a call center, but I spend a good portion of my day answering calls that are directed toward me and typically involve busy work since I’m the rookie at my company. I’m right of college and am a financial analyst at a small-ish firm and interestingly, one of our clients is a firm that does financial advising. I’m posting on mobile so insert obligatory formatting apology here.

The other day I had a call unlike any other. I saw the caller ID said “iPhone.” I remember it well because I know all of our clients numbers and what the ID would say, and I rarely get outside calls other than personal calls which go to my cell. This old lady called thinking I was her financial advisor. My company oversees the financial records of the advising firm and they advise their clients. There is no connection between us and their clients. I still have no idea how she got my number.

Here’s about how the conversation went. Let’s say OL=old lady, FA=financial advisor’s company, MC= my company, Me=me.

ring ring

Me: MC this is Aaron.

OL: Hi I cancelled my appointment and I want to do it over the phone.

Me: Can I ask who’s calling?

OL: It’s me, OL! I just called and cancelled my appointment. It was supposed to be today at 4.

Me: I think you have the wrong number, this is Aaron at MC.

OL: Yes! Aaron my financial advisor at FA. (Okay, now I’m intrigued because she knows of FA, and that her advisor apparently has the same name. Also note that FA and MC are not similar sounding companies at all)

Me: No sorry, my company MC works does financial analysis and you are looking for your financial advisor. (I didn’t even want to explain that FA is connected to us)

OL: Alright, thanks! So after Christmas I balanced my checkbook and blah blah…. she begins to ramble on about her finances, particularly her grandkid’s tuition, her heating bill, Christmas shopping, electronics, medical bills, etc.

Me: I’m sorry to interrupt. I really think you have the wrong number. Can I give you the number for your financial advisor?


I had to pull the phone from my ear because she screamed so loud

Me: I am not your financial advisor. You called the wrong number. I’ll find the correct number and you can call them. I normally would’ve hung up but FA is our client so I felt like that would be wrong

OL: Well you know what? My new iPhone isn’t working and I was told to buy it for my hearing aids and it doesn’t work at all! I don’t even know how to use it! Won’t even turn on! I would never take advice from someone so rude. hangs up

I sat there for a while, so confused. I was also a little annoyed because she clearly called me from an iPhone. After a quick search I got ahold of her advisor’s number, and discovered that her advisor Erin is a female. That also pissed me off because I hopefully sound masculine even with her hearing aids.

I call up this Erin and let her know to call the old lady back. She said this lady is a repeat offender and has called her personal cell phone, her home landline, her sister, and her fiancee’s cell phone. Apparently she can’t work an iPhone but can get ahold of anyone.

I’m not answering the phone unless it’s from a client from now on.

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