"Why are you yelling at me?!"

(Backstory, lady CI super upset that her account was past due bc of failed pmts/was charged returned pmt fee/apparently was told by bank we pulled funds on wrong date) Lady: You know this is all YOUR fault, I pay MY bills, you guys keep pulling payments out on the wrong date. Me: I’m showing you have an auto-withdrawal date of the 19th? Lady: Yes, that’s correct but my bank said you pulled it out on the 26th and the 5th! The wrong days! I never agreed to those days!” Me: Looks like what had happened was that your payment attempted to process on 11/19 but was declined so we did retry that payment again on the next banking date which was 11/26 and then re-tried the following banking date of Dec 5th. Lady: Yeah the wrong dates! Me: Well, the reason was due to the failed Nov payment. We legally are able to retry your payment when it fails up to two additional times. Lady: Well you charged me more than my payment! You stole $20 frm me! Me: Ma’am, I apologize but that $20 charge was a returned payment fee. Lady: Nobody told me about no fing reprocessing fee. Me: It’s right in your contract, under the terms and conditions. Line 8, actually. Lady: I never got no fing contract Me: I do see your signed agreement on file, I would be happy to send it to you. Lady: I don’t read those things! Me: Soooo….you just sign legally binding agreements without reading them? Lady lets out a choking sob: Why are you yelling at me!? Me (dumbfounded): I am not yelling at you. Lady: Yes you are! You are being rude! You’re yelling and that’s why I am yelling! Me: My giving you an answer you disagree with doesn’t constitute yelling ma’am. I haven’t raised my voice with you. Lady: See! There you go-yelling! She literally is sobbing. Before I can respond she hang up

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