Awww, come onnnnnnnnnn…

I work in an insurance call center, and a decent amount of our members are children who turned 26, and aged off of their parents’ insurance, so this is their first time getting insurance on their own. This means dealing with a lot of helicopter parents who can’t let their kids be adults. I have no sympathy, as I’m not 26 yet and I have my own insurance. It’s not that hard to figure out.

Cue tantrum parent (TP) talking to me:

Me: Hi, this is PaperEel, may I have your name please?
TP: (Son’s name)
Me: Okay and how can I help you today?
TP: Yeah, he’s good on insurance now, so we’re just gunna cancel.
Me: I’m sorry, am I speaking with the member?
TP: I’m his father, we can go ahead and cancel his insurance.
Me: Checks for any Power of Attorney on file, checks for any HIPAA Authorization that would allow me to discuss the record with someone not on the record. No such authorization is on file.
Me: I’m sorry, sir, but we can only terminate with the member. Is he available?
TP: What! Come onnnnn we just need to get this turned off.
Me: I understand, sir, but we cannot cancel a person’s insurance without their knowledge or consent. TP: That’s ridiculous. I’m his father. I signed him up for it! I pay the bills for it!
Me: Sir, only the member would be able to sign themselves up for the insurance.
TP: Well I did it! So I should be able to cancel it!
Me: Sir, faking your identity to sign someone else up for insurance would be both identity theft and insurance fraud. Which would be illegal. As would cancelling someone else’s insurance pretending to be them. I will not break the law and risk my job for you.
TP: Full on whining, nasal voice like a 4 year old COME ONNNNNNNN.
Me: Keeps refusing. Sir, is there anything else that I can help with besides this?
TP: “Help” is a generous word. Would you at least tell me if I can cancel it online?
Me: Internally snaps. I’m sorry sir, I won’t be providing you any more information today.
TP: Yeah thanks a lot. Hangs up.

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