Today, my supervisor fired a customer, here is that interaction.

So we all know how call centers are, people call and yell. A lot of yelling. Sometimes you call them, for various reasons, and there is still more yelling.

In my center most of us used to take inbound calls to assist customers, since it is now off season there are fewer of us and we make outbound calls essentially asking, “hey we did a thing for you, where is my money?” – not that rudely, but you get my point. These calls have the potential to come 2 times a day for a few months before we send it to collections. It’s rare that we are calling people 2 times everyday for months and only happens when there are some logistical errors in upper management.

Today, Old Glory called Fired Customer. Another Coworker stepped in at The end to close the call. The following is the interaction. Paraphrased cause i have the memory of an extinct walnut.

Ring FC: WHAT THE FUCK DO YALL WANT? OG: (O_o) no words FC: Well? Are you gonna answer? I said what the fuck do y’all want?? OG: … no words FC: WHY THE FUCK Y’ALL ALWAYS CALLING ME? ALL THE FUCKING TIME YOU ARE ALWAYS CALLING ME! WHY THE FUCK AINT YOU ANSWERING? OG: puts the call on speaker for everyone to hear. (Although we were all pretty much listening anyways because she was very loud.) Call Center: everyone stops what they are doing and listens FC: ARE YOU NOT GOING TO ANSWER ME WHORE? THATS WHAT YOU ARE. A WHORE. YOU A BITCH. YOU NOT GOING TO ANSWER ME?! moment of silence before she rages again FC: YOU’RE A DICK EATER! THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE. A DICK EATER. YOU DON’T DO SHIT BUT EAT DICKS. YOU EAT THE DICKS OF MEN ALL DAY. YOU DICK EATER. ANSWER ME DICK EATER. YOU JUST A DICK. EATER. MOTHER FUCKING DICK EATER.

I am not a supervisor but regularly take-over, de-escalate, and resolve calls for some of my coworkers. I move to start this, but AC steps in instead.

AC: Excuse me ma’am, I am not going to take this language, because you are being rude I am going to have to disconnect the call and will call back at a later time. FC: GOOD HANG UP, DICK EATER!! AND DON’T CALL BACK NO FUCKING MORE!! AC: I will call you later, thank you, goodbye. OG: hangs up the phone Call Center: wtf expressions on our faces

Some time later our supervisor pulls in OG an has a chat with her to make sure she was alright and to inform her that we are no longer working with this customer in any capacity. OG was fine, she was laughing along with us and making jokes. Everything was okay in the end, but that was definitely the spectacle of the week.

Please excuse any formatting or spelling errors because both my phone and I are dumb sometimes.

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