The power company is run by Satan himself, apparently

This isn’t a single story I directly dealt with, but rather a series of stories I heard about in passing. This is from when I was taking calls for an appliance repair service offered through a power/utility company. In our sharepoint, there was a document detailing one customer who we absolutely were not allowed to provide service to if they ever called in, and in my downtime I researched this gentlemen independently to kill time.(I even took a call from him at one point, but it was relatively tame in comparison to some others)

To start, this gentleman’s password, which he’s required to confirm when he calls in, was “The Lord’s Judgement”. Maybe sets off some red flags for some sort of overly zealous dude, but not really a deal breaker.

The first time we ever sent someone out to repair something for him, he pulled a gun on the technician because they couldn’t repair the item in a single visit. No shots fired, nobody hurt, police were called, and we cancelled his appliance service plan. That should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.

For months this guy called, almost every other day, yelling and screaming, asking why we won’t give him appliance service. Just note after note on his account of how the CEO of this power company is Satan himself, and all of the employees and call center agents are demons.

This apparently eventually leads to this man verbally threatening some power line technicians that were working near to his home, though not brandishing a weapon this time. That’s unfortunately as far as I could follow this ridiculous individual’s story.

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