Cut your attitude

I spend my time working for a central reservations office on the dedicated line for top tier rewards members for a large hotel chain.

Today, I had a call come in from an internal travel agent for a certain company. This call kind of perturbed me.

Call comes in with no screen pop, though was announced as a top tier call. Red flag.

Keep in mind, I am being about as sincere as possible. I turn on the cheeriest voice I possibly can when working with people.

Me: Good afternoon, thank you for calling the whoseitwhatsit reservations desk. My name is XYZ. May I ask who I have the pleasure of assisting today?

TA: Hi! My name is [name] I have some reservations that I was wondering if you could move to another hotel for me?

Me: Certainly. Where do we want to start?

TA: I’ll give you a confirmation number. The first one is 12345678

Me: Perfect. For security reasons, could you please verify the name on the reservation?

TA: [Name]

Me: Awesome! I see this reservation is at the XYZ for the dates of ABC. Where do we want to move this to

TA: [hotel]

Me: Great! I see that the reservation itself had a cancellation deadline of up to 48 hours before arrival. Because the guest is a [Tier] Member, I will be more than glad to waive the cancellation penalty. Do you mind if I take a moment to ensure that no penalty will be charged?

TA: Sure, go ahead.

Me: Perfect, just one moment while I get to work.

Queue the sound of “takita takita” in the background while I input the codes.

Me: Alright! The deed has been done. I have sent emails to the appropriate people, may I ask, would you like to copy the cancellation number?

TA: Nah, thats fine. The next one, I have a rewards number. 123456

Me: Great! Could you please verify the name on the profile for me?

TA: [Name]

Me: Alright! I do see this profile does have a reservation. I do apologize, but due to the reservation being booked through [third party], I do not have the ability to cancel or modify this reservation

TA: That’s fine. I’ll take care of that one on my side. Next, can you find the reservation for [Name]

Me: I would be glad to. For security reasons, may I have the last four of the credit card that the reservation was booked under?

TA: I don’t have that

Me: I’m so very sorry, but I cannot look up that reservation without that information.

TA: Are you serious?

Me: Yes sir, I am.

TA: I don’t have that information. Can you do any thing else?

Me: I’m sorry, but the policy states that I have to have the name, rewards number, or the confirmation number, or the arrival da-

TA: Cut the attitude right now. I don’t appreciate that

Me: [Confused and shocked and panicked silence]

TA: Hold on, I’ll call someone.

Me: Alright! I have all the time in the world, take your time.

TA: Was that sarcasm?

Me: I assure you, it was not, I literally can wait as long as it takes, please, take your time.

TA: That really sounded like sarcasm.

Me: I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. I promise, right now, you are the sole task that I am focused on. [fighting back tears, it has already been a rough day]

TA: [has conversation in the background with someone else] Alright, I have the confirmation number

Me: Perfect! Go ahead!

TA: 12345678

Me: Alright. I have pulled [Name]’s reservation. I’ll cancel that one and move it over to the XYZ. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

TA: Nope. Bye.

Me: I do thank you for calling the [Ho-

The line goes dead.

I cry for a minute and go on.

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