"Have a good day now y’hear?"

I work for a major appliance company in their consumer care department. I take calls concerning basic troubleshooting, pre-buying appliances, and finally scheduling service on appliances within the manufacturer’s warranty.

Bug=me. AND=Angry Northern Dude. SB=Southern Belle accented Supervisor.

BUG: Hi my name is buggirl from So-And-So giving you a call back from the Southern United States office! May I ask who I’m speaking to today?

AND: SOUTHERN UNITED STATES???? I want to speak to someone who can -actually- use english!

Naturally I was left blinking and surprised. I don’t have much of an accent which is why I was placed on the northern US line to begin with.

Bug: Sir…I can’t transfer you to another employee, our call queue is randomly generated to whoever’s phone is open.

AND: Ex-CUSE ME?! I did not ask to speak to some g-d*mned hick that’s high on meth and booze! GET ME to someone from civilization!!

Bug: Sir, I apologize but I’m not able to transfer you to anyone other than a supervisor…would you like me to do so?


I made my proper documentation in his file to make into an escalation and called my lead line. As it so happened I got the one lead in the center that has an extremely pretty but glorious southern belle like accent.

SB: Hi Bug! This is SB! What can I do for you?

Bug: Hi SB! I have a gentleman on the line, no account beside the one I just made labeled John Doe. He wouldn’t talk to me.

SB: Oh, one of those? What broke and why can’t you fix it?

Bug: I’m from the south sir. He doesn’t want to speak to someone that’s not from the northern states.

SB: Oooh really? I’ll fix that, do you want to sit in and listen, hun?

Bug: SURE! Thank you.

SB does his typical spill about him being a resolution specialist, that he can assist, etc.

AND: OH NO. I am NOT speaking to another one of you a*holes!!!

SB: I apologize sir, but unless you hang up and try to get in touch with our sister center, you will get plenty of people from SOUTHERN UNITED STATE. There is about 800 consumer care agents at this location, the other has 200. You can keep calling back again and again or let me assist you and save you some time. Sir…may I ask your name, please?

AND:….I want to speak to the president.

SB: I can give you an address if you wish to write a formal complaint, that is all I can give you.

The dead silence was extraordinary. I left the call in stitches because after sputtering and huffing for ten minutes the dude finally relented and gave SB the info we needed to get him service. And how did SB end the call?

SB: Thank you sir, I hope ya’ll have a good day now y’hear?

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