"Im not responsible for those charges right?"

So i work for a bank and a woman called about an account she co owns. Alot of people think co owned accounts have a primary holder and secondary holder but ive never seen that. Accounts are either only owned by one person or equally owned by two or more people. And no matter who makes the charges, all co owners are responsible for it. So she was calling for her sons account which was overdrawn and she kept yelling at me and saying not to take the money from the account where she is the only owner (so theres a co owned account and another account only she owns) I told her that that wouldn’t happen because that’s not how banks work, unless she had overdraft protection between the accounts, which she didn’t. I tried to tell her that she would be responsible for the charges and she wasn’t getting it and i got sick of trying to explain to someone who won’t listen to reason, which seems like every customer, “u are my bank and i am your god, listen to me and obey, don’t ask no questions.” So anyway, i ended up telling her “no ma’am u won’t have to pay those charges.” She would have been on the line all night because she kept saying “I’m not going to pay for that!”

“Well then go ahead and fuck up your credit ma’am i don’t care. Good luck opening another bank account anywhere else.” I dont get paid enough to get mentally abused by these animals.

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